Mark Goulston, MD and Diana Hendel, PharmD offer a variety of keynote options that can be tailored for the needs of your group. They offer full day training seminars with your entire team, or they can speak to frontline employees and leaders separately, or a one hour “lunch and learn” webinar. Here are some of the topics they offer.

Mental Health Tune Ups to Help Healthcare Workers Weather COVID-19 Chaos. Frontline healthcare workers are struggling to cope with the grim circumstances of COVID-19. But no matter how much they are suffering, as essential workers, they still need to show up and do their work. In this presentation, Dr. Mark Goulston shares simple things healthcare workers can do to bolster their mental health while continuing to help patients. 

Why COVID-19 is the Perfect Storm for Healthcare Workers (Plus Some “Survival” Tips.) Healthcare workers are trained to work under stressful conditions, but the circumstances around COVID-19 have made the pandemic deeply traumatizing for them. In this presentation, Dr. Mark Goulston and Dr. Diana Hendel delve into the factors that make the pandemic particularly difficult and offer insights for surviving the storm.  

There’s a Mental Health Stigma in Healthcare. Here’s What You Can Do About It. COVID-19 has exposed the anxiety, fear, and shame that healthcare workers face on the frontlines, (which may manifest as PTSD, a highly stigmatized mental injury). In this presentation, Dr. Diana Hendel addresses the “just get over it” culture in healthcare and shares what leaders can do to support frontline employees when they need it most. 

Pandemic Proofing Your Mental Health: How to Maintain Optimal Wellness During COVID-19. The pandemic has created a large-scale mental health crisis for frontline workers. In this presentation, Dr. Mark Goulston shares advice for helping them process the trauma of COVID-19 and offers tips for starting a healing journey.  

How Leaders Can Communicate Better in a Crisis. After something goes wrong in an organization, leaders often think they have communicated clearly and with enough information. Rarely is that true. In this presentation, Dr. Diana Hendel shares her VITAL (an acronym that stands for Visible, “In it together,” Transparent, Accessible, and Listening) approach to helping leaders deliver messages in a way that builds trust and decreases fear.

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